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Taking an Unwanted Swim

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Floating Utah's Green River
Drift Boat Fly Fishing

Over the years I have had 4 people fall out of the boat. One of them can be attributed to my lack of maneuvering the drift boat, the rest I can happily pass the blame to the angler. Fortunately, everyone was wearing their life-jacket, and no one was hurt in these events.

The first swim was caused by a shallow rock, hidden just under the surface. I had dropped the oars and was reaching into the cooler to grab the clients a drink. The boat managed to turn sideways and picked up a little speed. We hit the rock in the dead center of the boat - ejecting the client standing up front like Superman. The water was deep enough to absorb his belly flop without any harm. My drift boat was left with a permanent reminder of the event.

On a day that was more like babysitting than guiding flyfishing, a group of 40 year-olds were pretending to be 20 year-olds again and had proceeded to put down 30 or so beers on the voyage.