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Fly Fishing Utah's Green River

100,000 trout await you on thirty beautiful river miles.

This is dry fly paradise!!

Utah's Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is well known as one of the premier tail-water fisheries in the world.  Supporting one of the most prolific trout populations anywhere, the Green River offers anglers an amazing opportunity to catch and observe trout in their natural environment.   The latest trout population estimates show 12,000 trout per mile on stretches of the A and upper B Sections!  


The crystal clear, temperature controlled water, and red sandstone cliffs make the Green River an amazing place to fly fish.  Not many places in the world rival the Green River when comparing, trout numbers, average fish size, scenery and consistent dry fly action.    

Green River Drift Boat Trout Fly Fishing

Green River Float Trips include:

Drift boat trip covering 7 miles or more of river, one of the best fly fishing guides on the river, all flies needed, beverages (non-alcohol), & a freshly prepared lunch on full day trips - snacks and drinks are provided on all other trips


Not included: Guide Gratuities, & Utah Fishing License(s)

(River Transportation is tax exempt)

Utah Green River Drift Boat Rates


Full Day  $700 

Full Day - June & July  $750 


Half Day  $550 


Sunset Float  $500 

Fly Fishing Lessons  $600 

Know Before You Go:

Dutch John, Utah is a small town of 200 summer residents.  While amenities are limited, the outdoor recreation opportunities are amazing!   

Floating the Green River in a drift boat with an experienced fly fishing guide is a huge advantage.  The trout in the Green River are very educated.  Most days you will need perfect drifts, and presentations to fool them.  Dialing in your cast before your trip will greatly increase the number of fish caught. 

The guides at Spinner Fall have freedom to choose the river section to float each day.  This allows them to show you the best fishing day possible.  If you have a preference of river section, please let your guide know in the morning when you meet them. 


The first 30 miles of the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam are divided into 3 distinct river sections, A, B & C.  Each river section offers anglers a unique fly fishing experience.

A Section - Red Canyon

Often referred to as the Aquarium Section, the A Section of the Green River covers the first 7 miles below Flaming Gorge Dam.   High trout densities, a breathtaking canyon, and crystal clear water, are what make the "A" section of the Green River world famous. In the upper miles of this section, the river is characterized by slower moving water with many deep pockets and long runs. The second half of the A Section provides several productive shelves, rapids, and pocket water with intermittent deep pools.


The numerous trout throughout this section provide an unparalleled learning opportunity, as they convey a visual understanding of their behavior to the angler. The ability to watch fish eat your flies, whether on the surface or below, is invaluable to any angler eager to learn the technicalities of this sport. The most common wildlife on this section include moose, big horn sheep, deer, river otters, thousands of fish, and several species of predatory birds. Whether its the awe-inspiring canyon walls, the wildlife, or the visual type of fishing this section has to offer, the Red Canyon float appeals to anglers and sightseers alike.

Brown Trout Big Dry Fly

B Section - Devil's Hole

The B Section of the Green River is perhaps the most remote of the three river sections. The lengthy (45  minute) drive out and limited wading access allow for healthy brown and rainbow trout populations to thrive.This float trip begins at Little Hole, the previous campsite of famous explorer, Major John Wesley Powell, and continues 9 miles through a very beautiful and diverse part of the river coridor.


The first four miles contain many deep pools, shallow shelves, and fishable back-eddies. At the four mile point, the small stream and canyon of Red Creek converge with the Green, creating the largest rapid between the dam and the Colorado State border. In the absence of stormy weather, the water of Red Creek becomes clear and the opportunity for casting large dry flies below the rapid can be very rewarding. The remainder of this float is marked by a much gentler river bottom, grassy banks, and numerous islands. Deer, Elk, Moose, predatory birds, mountain cats, river otters, snakes, and many other small animals are abundant throughout the area and are frequently seen.

Rainbow Trout B Section Uta's Green River
C Section - Brown's Park

The C Section of the Green River begins at Indian Crossing Boat Ramp, and meanders for 14 miles through the Brown’s Park National Wildlife Refuge, to the Colorado State Line. There are 6 take outs on the C Section, providing several different float trip and river access options. There are 2 short canyon sections along this float - Little Swallow and Swallow Canyon.  The rest of the C Section is wide open country dotted with cottonwood tress, and beautiful desert views.


Though there is a substantial reduction in numbers of fish, this part of the river maintains the most natural ecosystem and healthiest fish of the three sections.  Plenty of wildlife can be observed throughout this desert oasis, most notably moose, deer, duck, eagles and geese. The fish on this section remain the toughest to catch due to the lack of protective structure and the large population of predatory birds. Lengthy casts into the wind and an accurate presentation are needed to fool these wary, but magnificent brown trout. If you’re not about numbers, but can appreciate the challenge for wild trout in a beautiful country atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Brown Trout, C Section, Green River Utah
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