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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I meet the guide(s)? 555 South Center Street in Dutch John, Utah


What should I bring on my guided trip?:

9 foot 5 or 6 weight Fly Rod and Reel with Floating Fly Line.  Rental rods are available upon request

9 foot 4x Leaders

Polarized Sunglasses

Rain Jacket / Rain Pants and Warm Layers

Waders & Wading Boots without studs (cooler months)  Waders are not a necessity - the guides can keep your feet dry most of the time.

Shorts / Sandals in the summer.



Any snacks or alcoholic beverages

Any Required Medications

Gloves - 2 pairs in the cooler months

Utah Fishing License Purchase Utah Fishing License Online 


Gratuities - What is the average tip?:

Gratuities are what fishing guides rely on to supplement the cost of going to work. A typical guided trip costs the guide $35 for lunch/drinks, $35-$70 for a vehicle shuttle, + expenses for gas, flies, other supplies and wear and tear on drift boats, vehicles and equipment.

15% of $700 = $105.00  20% of $700 = $140.00  Our guides average tips are $150+ per day.


What can I expect on a guided Green River trip?:

We set the trip meet time to help avoid other river users. This ensures solitude, and greater fishing opportunities. 98% of our guided trips fish the whole time from a drift boat. Fly fishing from a drift boat allows for incredible access to the whole river, better angles for approaching the trout, and possibly the longest drifts that you have ever experienced.

Your guide will be a patient teacher, experienced in all aspects of flyfishing, and very good on the oars. Your guide will also want to catch the fish as badly as you do. All of our guides prefer to fish dry flies and the Green River allows us to do so most of the time. Let your guide know in the morning or even before your trip if you would like to focus your day on certain aspects of fly fishing, enhance specific techniques, work on casting, if you would prefer to do some wade fishing, or anything else. You are welcome to bring plenty of gear such as flies, extra rods, and other fishing gear but you probably won't use them during your guided trip. The most important thing is to dress comfortably, and have fun. You are going to miss some fish, but remember to look around, enjoy your vacation and that there are thousands of fish in the river.


What do the Spinner Fall Guides want from clients?

Have fun - you are on vacation and are going to miss fish.  The average angler sticks 1 out of 4 eats.

Take a break - most anglers have a 12 hour ego and a 6 hour arm.  The best fishing is often the last part of the guided trip.  If you are tired out, you might miss the best opportunities of the day.

Enjoy the scenery - don't just stare at your fly all day, the canyon is amazing!

Know your equipment - Practicing with your equipment in the wind before you arrive can be a day saver. Most golfers wouldn't show up to Pebble Beach Golf Course with out practicing and if they did, they wouldn't expect to shoot near par.  Same goes for the Green River.  


Where do I leave my car?:

There is a large parking area at the trip meeting place - 555 South Center Street in Dutch John. 

The meeting place is located 5 minutes from the Green River. After meeting your guide(s) you will travel to and from the river in the Guide's vehicle. Your guide will have his vehicle moved from the boat launch to the boat take out. After your trip your guide will return you to your vehicle.


What is a Spinner Fall?:

The term spinner is the common name for the 4th and final stage in the mayfly life cycle: egg, nymph, dun and spinner. During this final stage of a mayflies life they are reproductively mature. After mating and depositing eggs into the river, the mayfly "spinner" becomes weak and "falls" onto the water. The dead or dying mayfly spinners will lay on the river surface with their wings spread out spent, like the wings of an airplane. Mayfly spinners are easy pickings for trout and are frequently keyed onto by larger fish. The spinner fall typically occurs late in the evening or early in the morning. Fly fishing the spinner fall requires a fly that lies low in the water surface film, and a dead drift presentation.


When is the best time to fly fish the Green River in Utah?:

The fly fishing on the Green River is typically very good compared to most rivers in the lower 48 states. There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on what method of flyfishing you prefer. The toughest fishing on the Green River is usually December, January, and the first 5 days of high water (historically around May 20th). Obviously there are exceptions to these dates, and the weather/conditions can make any day tough "catching". The following link provides detailed information about what you can expect during specific months.

Green River Calendar

If our FAQ page has not answered all of your questions, please feel free to email call or text 801-885-0573 us.  

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