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The Spinner Fall Crew

We take great pride in providing some of the very best fly fishing guides in Utah. All of our guides are very patient, knowledgeable teachers and will show you a great time on the water.

If you like to fish dry flies we are the guide crew for you!

Scott Barrus

Scott Barrus is the owner of Spinner Fall Guide Service. He has built the company with a focus on teaching and dry fly fishing.  He purchased the company from the Howard family in 2002 with fellow Guides Bret Carlson and Dudley Campbell.  Since then, Scott has bought his partners out of the business and has been the sole owner since 2010.


Scott started as a shuttle driver for Spinner Fall in the summer of 1998 and started guiding for them the following year.   When he's not rowing the river, you might find him hiking with his family, snowboarding, riding a OneWheel or chasing fish.

  • Owner of Spinner Fall Guide Service Since 2002

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 1999

  • Guided in Colorado and Wyoming

  • Guide for the winning team of the Green River Single Fly Event 5 out of 8 times

Jeremy Rogers

Jeremy was born and raised in Maine. He spent his childhood camping and fishing with his father and grandfather. At the young age of eight, he caught his very first fish on a fly. It was that first Brook Trout that changed his life forever, even though he happened to hook and land it on his back cast. From that moment on, Jeremy has spent his life pursuing fish in fresh and saltwater around the world. In 1997, after graduating from college in Vermont, with a degree in Behavioral Science, Jeremy moved out west to Utah.

During Jeremy's first summer in Utah it became very apparent that this was the place for him. Utah had much to offer with its Blue Ribbon waters, high mountains and a lifestyle with a slower pace. He realized quickly that he had the opportunity to have the career of his dreams, to become a fly fishing guide. He began guiding in 1998 in and around Park City, with focus on the Provo and Weber River drainages. Soon after, Jeremy purchased a drift boat and started floating the Green River and signed on with Spinner Fall in 2001.  When he is not fly fishing or tying flies, you find him snowboarding, snowmobiling, mountain biking and playing soccer. His love of the outdoors, along with his great knowledge of fly fishing, entomology and fly casting, will assure you of having a very memorable and rewarding day on the river.

  • Owner of Provo River Guide Service

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 2001

  • Guides in Wyoming and multiple rivers in Utah

Carles Card

Charles Card is a self taught fly fisher who has had a passion for the long rod as long as he can remember. At age eleven he vowed to fish with his own bug puppet’s on a fly rod, or go fishless. It’s a limitation that he has been happily adhering to since. Charles grew up close enough to the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam to ride his bike over for an afternoon of water time. At 13, he was offered a job at Bigfoot Fly Shop, which turned his dreams of being a fly fishing bum into a reality. After his first drift boat trip with “Lucky Lyle”, he knew his next mission in life was to have a boat of his own. By fifteen, enough flies were tied and sold to buy his first one.

Guiding was just a natural course of action for Charles, and with his river skills already honed well before age 18, had many offers from outfitters to guide. The day after his 18th birthday was the day that beginners as well as seasoned anglers hopped into his boat wondering what in the world that little kid could ever teach them about the art of fly fishing on the Green. Many of them have been impressed enough to return each year and see what else is up his sleeve.

Always striving to improve his skills keeps Charles researching and practicing both on and off the water in every channel of the river of knowledge on the sport. Someday he hopes to know what it’s like to be and accomplished angler, but still has a long way to go. Besides trout, he loves fishing carp, bass, bluegill, pike/muskellunge, steelhead and every saltwater specie that has ever taken his fly. Charles does have a few other hobbies and passions which include keeping his wife happy (which involves letting her out fish him at least once a year), water fowling and bird watching, traveling (especially by boat), photography, cycling, and family time.

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 1996

  • Flyfished the Green River since he was a kid

  • Started tying flies commercially at age 13

Colby Crossland

Colby D Crossland is a professional fly-fishing guide in Dutch John Utah, where he spends the warmer months of the year catching fish and helping others to do the same.  When the temperature drops he splits his time between Salt Lake City and Moab, Utah. 


“Fishing has been a part of my life since as early as I can remember. My grandfather and I exploring the Great Basin chasing trout are some of my fondest memories; memories that will always connect me to my family and nature. There is something amazing about the act of pursuing trout that bonds people together and to the great outdoors.

Being a self taught fly fisherman I have learned many things the hard way. As a guide I would like to share my knowledge with you to make flyfishing as enjoyable and productive as possible. My goal is for each client to leave my boat as a better angler with skills and technique to use each time on the river. If you have ever had the desire to catch large trout on a dry fly the Green River of Utah is the place to do it.”

You can find him on Instagram @colbydcrossland

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 2010

  • Brand ambassador for Howler Brothers, Stealthcraft Boats, Rainys Flies, Epic Rods, and WolfGang Man and Beast.

  • One of the most requested guides on the Green River

  • Green River Single Fly Winner & Single Fly Top Angler Winner

JD Magee

J.D. Magee has been fishing the Green River and surrounding waters his entire life. Growing up his passion for the outdoors, his love of hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and just the general pursuit of the “wild in life” have all shaped the man he is today. J.D. began his career in the outdoors right out of high school when he packed up all of his belongings and moved to the mountains. He jokes that he was the kid who ended up living in a “van down by the river”. Shortly after moving to Dutch John, he was offered a guide position through one of the local outfitters and began guiding out of his rebuilt wooden drift boat. J.D. quickly became a full-time fly-fishing guide working 200+ days a year and spent the fall months guiding big game hunting in the mountains of Utah and Colorado.

After 10+ years as a full-time guide, J.D. decided to take a break from guiding to raise a family and to pursue more personal fishing and hunting adventures on his own. During this time he realized that guiding was much more than just a job. It is something deep down in his blood and the desire to get back on the water and in the mountains as a guide has stirred again. In the fall of 2017, J.D. resumed guiding for big game again and is eager to get back in his dory as a guide for Spinner Fall.

J.D. has built a fairly significant following through social media with his photography documenting his outdoor adventures. You can check out his portfolio on Instagram @jdgoesoutdoors.


In his free time, J.D. enjoys spending time with his family, doing just about anything there is to do in the outdoors.

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 1998

  • Brand ambassador for Sitka Gear, Simms, Kifaru Intl., OnX Maps, Zeiss Optics, and several other outdoor-related companies. He is also a Hunting and Fishing Technician for GORE-Tex.

  • Grew up Fly Fishing the Green River

Brian Hoskisson

I am a native of Morgan, Utah and grew up fishing the Weber and Green Rivers. I have great childhood memories of being shuttled up river by my parents and floating back to the house. The spring creeks that flow into the Weber instilled into me a love of stalking wary Browns in crystalline water. The challenge of multiple refusals and the thrill of presenting the correct pattern never grow old. I started tying flies at a young age and thought that since the Brook Trout in the Uintah streams would eat them that I was something else. I still have some of my original black gnats to keep me humble and to remind myself of how thrilling fly fishing can be at every skill level. Fly fishing is always offering new lessons and challenges

I started guiding on the Green River in 2004 with the intention of only guiding for a year or two yet I’m continually finding myself drawn back to this river that I love. Even after spending a month in Alaska or a season in Idaho I find the great days reminding me of a typical Green River day. The water clarity that allows you to spot a Green River Brown from afar, present to him and watch him lazily sip your dry can’t be matched.

I love to travel with my friends and family in search of new waters, ski and spend time with my sons Isaac and Dylan and Benny. 

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 2004

  • Graduated from the University of Utah in 2011 in Nursing

  • Green River Single Fly Winner

Brad Lovejoy Steelhead

While on a family vacation in Montana, young Brad noticed a fly fisherman casting and catch trout. Brad was mesmerized. His Mom took note and surprised him on his eleventh birthday with a fly rod!


Brad started guiding small streams in 2001. Then found himself purchasing a drift boat which lead him to Utah’s famous Green River.  Brad is enthusiastic for dry fly fishing, he loves to watch the fish: sip, gulp crush & smash top water fly patterns while his client is on the other end of the rod!


When Brad is not fishing, he is likely hiking long distances for antlers or preparing for the archery hunt.

Spencer Manwaring

Spencer Manwaring has guided on the Green River for 15+ years and is widely considered among the elite guides on the river.  Spencer has a very laid back, humble and happy demeanor but don't let that fool you.  He is very competitive and crazy talented at everything that he sets his mind to.  He is an incredible kayaker, kite-surfer, snowboarder, father and of course fly fishing guide. 

Spencer grew up in Vernal, Utah and went to school with two of our other guides, Charlie Card and JD Magee.  He knows the river as well as anyone and will show you an incredible experience.  Spencer is available to guide most weeks from Thursday through Sunday.  He spends the rest of his time with his wife Annie and their 2 kids.  

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 2004

  • Registered Nurse

Bryan Hunt brown trout

Growing up in Colorado Springs under the shadow of Pikes Peak, my family spent a lot of time outdoors. Our family vacations consisted of fishing or hunting trips in the Colorado backcountry. Many of my childhood weekends were spent fishing the headwaters of the Arkansas and South Platte rivers, and the mountain lakes in Pike National Forest.


Every summer I would spend a month visiting my grandparents in Utah, camping and fishing along the lakes and creeks of the Uinta Mountains. From an early age, I have loved fishing the evening hatches under a breathtaking Rockies sunset. There is not much in life better than catching beautiful trout on dry flies under a sky that looks like a painting.


I came to Dutch John in the spring of 2013 and have spent more time on the Green in that short period of time than any other watershed. The Green River is my home. It is a river of great geological and biological diversity, from the magnificent red canyon walls of the A Section to the open country of the C Section, where it feels like you have stepped back in time to the days of Butch Cassidy. We have big, angry, stream-born browns, alongside beautiful rainbows. With enough aquatic life and clear, temperature-consistent water to keep them healthy, the Green is one of the greatest drift boat waters in the world, and I am blessed to be able to share my love of this river with my fellow fly fishermen.

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 2014

  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics

Bruce Hoskisson

Bruce Hoskisson is a man of many talents.  He has successfully ran multiple businesses, raised a family, and spent years doing missionary work in Australia.


Bruce grew up in Salt Lake City and has spent much of his life enjoying the outdoors.  He currently spends his free time travelling to fishing destinations, helping with scouts, and enjoying time with his wife and grandchildren.  Bruce is co-owner of Dave Scadden Paddlesports.   


Bruce has been guiding the Green River since 2015.  He works very hard, makes incredible lunches and has thousands of great stories to share.  His son Brian Hoskisson also guides for Spinner Fall.  

  • Green River Fly Fishing Guide Since 2015

  • Bruce is retired but guides the Green River because he is passionate about putting people on fish

  • Has fly fished many places around the world

Max Fortney

Max Fortney grew up in Utah where he started fishing for rainbow trout on the Provo River with his Dad on rapallas and spoons at a young age.  He spent his childhood chasing powder and tail (trout!) with his friends every weekend and too many school days.  After graduating from college at the University of Utah, Max tried his hand in the Federal Government before realizing he preferred waders to a suite and tie, and quickly transitioned into guiding his home water, the Provo River.  Max guided the Provo for a few seasons before the call to the Green became too great, he picked up and moved shop, never looking back. 


Max enjoys the solitude of the river and prefers to fish out of the way of others.  His favorite way to fish is on a dry fly.  Max thinks watching the eat on a dry fly is the best way to enjoy fishing on the fly and only strays to chuck a streamer from time to time.  Max enjoys sharing his passion with relaxed anglers who enjoy the process as much as the result.  His laid back style and mood compliment a day of soaking in the scenery, a couple laughs, and landing some world class brown trout. 


In his spare time you may find Max on the slopes with his friends, climbing the back country or riding on two wheels.  

  • Favorite quote: “If it were easy, it would be called trolling”.

  • Mantra: Respect begets respect

  • Guided Provo and Weber drainages

  • Trout Unlimited 5rivers President

  • Major: Political Science

  • Minor: Environmental Sustainability 

Tommy Pozzi

I grew up fishing the lakes and rivers of Michigan with my folks. As a kid we spent a ton of rainy autumn weekends playing cribbage in the old canvas cabin tent and fishing for salmon where the Manistee river drains into Lake Michigan. I got my first fly rod when I was about 15, but didn't really know what to do with it til I moved to Utah for college in 2005. I studied geology at the University of Utah in between skiing, climbing, rafting, and fishing days. After working a geology job in the oil and gas industry for about 6 years (and fishing every minute of time off I had) I decided to hang it up and follow my passion. About 8 years ago, I started ski patrolling full-time in Park City, Utah by winter and guiding fly fishing full-time in the summer. I got my first driftboat 5 years ago and focused on rediscovering my beloved Green River from a boat. I couldn't ask for a better office. The Green is just as special the thousandth time as it is the first time you see it and I love sharing that experience with others.


When I'm not guiding, you'll find me hanging out with my amazingly tolerant wife and two little kids at our home in Salt Lake, tying flies, skiing, fishing with buddies, and grilling (all between house projects, of course)

  • Geology Degree University of Utah

  • Guided Provo and Weber drainages also the Upper Green River in Wyoming

  • Ski Patrol

Colby Suojanen

Colby Suojanen grew up in Salt Lake City and began fishing Utah waters at a young age.  He passionately fly fished the Provo River with friends on every opportunity possible.  ThIs healthy addiction forged a path and lead to him becoming a guide in Montana on the Big Hole River.  Colby guided the Big Hole for three seasons.  With dry fly fishing being his primary focus, Colby decided to move from Montana to the dry fly fishing mecca on Utah's Green River.  

When he is not guiding you will find him in the saltwater chasing tarpon, or enjoying time outdoors with his dog and son.  

  • Guided 3 season on the Big Hole River, Montana

  • Green River Guide since 2022

  • Loves headhunting for rising fish

Chris Graeff

I grew up in Southern New Jersey, fifteen minutes south of Philadelphia. I was attracted to the water at a young age. As the only fisherman in my family, my mom, grandmother and grandfather would sit patiently as I fished for hours on end, usually at a pond or lake near my house. Pickerel, bass, sunfish and perch were the fish I caught. I moved out west in 1994 and eventually made it to Utah in 1996. Always interested in outdoor activities like snowboarding and skateboarding, I looked for something else. It was fishing. I started spin fishing the local rivers and was curious about fly fishing. After getting a fly rod and reel I tried it. I got lots of tangles and knots but once I “pieced that puzzle” together, it was incredible! A whole new way to catch fish. Fly fishing has given me many positive experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t tried it. Tired of bartending and serving food, I told myself that I’m just going to guide and that’s what I’m doing from here on out. I started working for Spinner Fall in 2022. I’m very thankful to be where I am and do what I do. I love working with people and possibly showing them something that they haven’t experienced before.

  • Worked in the service industry for 20 + years

  • Green River Guide since 2022

  • Very patient and positive

A Guide Must...

"Never show fear.  He should be courteous to all and always give special attention to the weakest member of the party.  He should be witty and be able to make up a white lie on short notice, and tell it in a convincing manner.  He should know when and how to show authority; and, when the situation demands it, should be able to give a good scolding to whomsoever deserves it"
-Conrad Cain, 1935
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