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Fly Fishing Lessons on Utah's Green River

We are happy to arrange personalized fly fishing lessons for individuals, families, businesses, children, and even skilled fly fisherman. We can cover any or all aspects of fly fishing including:


Casting - Proper rod stopping and starting positions, mending, how to generate line speed, & loop control.


Entomology - insect identification, life cycles, hook sizing, pattern selection.


Techniques - streamers, nymphing, dry-dropper, and dry fly fishing.

handling trout - fighting, removing hooks, and safely releasing fish.


Rigging - tying knots, and leader set up for all methods

Lessons are taught by our patient, and experienced staff. All of our instructors are among the best fly fishing guides on the Green River, and have guided fly fishing for multiple seasons. Lessons are taught on the Green River, which allows for real fly fishing situations such as getting a natural presentation, reading water, and casting in the wind.


The lesson begins by rowing across the Green River in a drift boat at the Little Hole boat ramp. Your guide will teach you the basics while wade fishing this less occupied side of the river. We can cover the basic aspects of fly fishing, enhance your casting ability, or focus on specific areas that you would like to improve upon.  You will also get the opportunity to fish from the drift boat in a short, but very productive segment of the river.  Odds are very high that you will catch a fish or 2.   

Cost for the lesson - $600 for up to 2 people. Approximately 6 hours


Lessons include the use of a quality rod and reel, flies, lunch, and drinks.

Not included are Utah Fishing Licenses & guide gratuities.

Waders / wading boots are also NOT included but can be arranged (waders are not necessary in summer weather)

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