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Green River Fly Fishing Report

June 1st, 2023

Green River Flows are going up about an inch today from 800cfs to 900cfs.  No word yet on the bigger flush timeline.  We will do our best to keep everyone posted as information becomes available. Flaming Gorge Reservoir has risen about 10 feet in the past month, but there is still plenty of room for all of the high flows pouring in. The Yampa River (a Green River Tributary) is raging right now, so the Bureau of Reclamation will likely wait until those flows subside before raising the Green River flows.  


The fishing on the Green River is average right now (below average for this time of year).  Average fishing on the Green River still provides lots of action.  The water temps are still colder than normal - 43 degrees out of the dam.  There are BWO's on cooler / wet days and the fish are starting to eat some terrestrial bugs as well.  The river is fishable on the lower B and C Section with visibility varying between 2- 4 feet. The upper 11 miles below the dam are to slightly slightly off color.  There have been a few cicada sightings but no hatch yet.  Lots of Caddis, PMD and Yellow Sally Stonefly nymphs under the rocks - those hatches will likely occur after high water.  

900 CFSStable

Dirty - changes daily

Low Flows until simulated runoff

A Section:  BWO's showing up around 1pm on wet or cloudy days. Nymph fishing is good out there, with terrestrial dry fly opportunities when the sun is out.  Most anglers are nymph fishing.   

B Section:  Nymph rigs at about 9 feet deep have been consistent on upper B.   Lower B is dirty but fishable with dry dropper or streamers 

C Section:  Fishing below average - varies day to day  

Hatches: Some BWO's, and some terrestrials


Dry Flies

Calm days have been best for small dry fly fishing. 5-6x tippet


Cards Cicada #10

Micro Chubby #12

Brook's Sprout Baetis #18

Parachute Cricket #10

Lovejoy Cicada #10

Parachute Adams #18-20

Parachute Ant #16-22 black

Para Emerger BWO #18

Triple Double #14-18 purple, black



Dark day dark fly. Bright day, bright fly. Retrieval speed - slow​. 0X tippet


Mena's Slider Bugger

Sloppy Seconds Tan

Flash a Bugger

El Sculpito tan

Mena's Cousin It Jig Streamer

Cheech Leech - articulated all colors

Complex Twist Bugger - all colors

Tungsten Jig Bugger

Galloup's Dungeon - articulated all colors



There are a large variety of nymphs for the fish to choose from. Use 5x tippet

Emerger Wet BWO #18-20

Crack Back PMD #16

Grey Soft Hackle #22

Neon Nightmare orange #8

San Juan Worm orange, pink #6

Frenchie #14-16

Weiss' BP Dark #18-20

Jujubee Midge #20-24

Tungsten Zebra Midge #16-20 brown, wine, purple, black

Pheasant Tail #18 -22

Scuds #20-22 grey, olive

Miracle Nymph #20-22


For the most recent updates please follow us on Facebook and Instagram . We are happy to answer any questions about the river and can be texted at 801-885-0573. Thanks!

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