Green River Fly Fishing Report

April 26th, 2021

The fly fishing on the A section has been slow in the mornings and really good in the afternoons.  The B section has been producing all day, with solid nymph fishing on upper B.  There are limited BWO's on the C Section and it has been hit or miss down there.  The BWO hatch has been very inconsistent this year.  We believe that this is due to colder water coming out of the dam.  One of the selective withdrawal penstocks is broken and stuck at 100 feet.  It is usually raised to 40 feet this time of year.   Zebra Midges, Grey Soft Hackles, Black Beauties, RS2s and grey BWO Cripple Patterns will all produce.  The flows remain low, averaging 860cfs and will likely remain at this low level until high water.  Dry fly fishing has been slower than normal for this time of year, but there are still good opportunities.    

Red Creek Rapid (B Section) is pretty nasty at these low flows with lots of exposed rocks.  There has already been 1 boat sink on the A Section this year, and another very close call in Red Creek Rapid.  

Current snow-pack for the Green River is at about 80% of normal.  As of now, we are looking at a low water year.  Hopefully we get a wet Spring!  

Green River Flow Forecast  Steady Low Flows


Current Flow Level - 860 cfs


Red Creek:  Slightly off color, but very fishable  - subject to daily change


A Section:  The nymph fishing has been great in the afternooons with size #16-18 midge and BWO patterns.  5X tippet and a quick hook set will produce lots of action.  Midges are hatching around 10am, BWO's in the afternoons.  

B Section:  The nymph fishing on upper B is really good.  The fish tend to be podded up in the middle and tail outs of the runs. You will liekly catch a handful of Rocky Mountain Whitefish as well.  Streamers or dry dropper have been good on lower B.   

C Section:    Streamers have been good on cloudy or wet days.  Dry dropper rigs will produce action on sunny days. The BWO hatch is better on the A and B Sections.

Hatches: Midges, the BWO's should last well into late May


Dry Flies

Calm days days have been best for small dry fly fishing. 5x or 6x tippet


Haslam's Midge Adult #22

Card's Cicada #10

Griffiths Gnat #20

Harrop's Hanging Midge #20-22

Parachute Adams #22-24

Beefus BWO Emerger #18

Brook's Sprout Midge #16-22 grey and black

Hackle Stacker BWO #16-18

Triple Double #14-18 purple, black

Morris May Emerger BWO #16-20



Dark day dark fly. Bright day, bright fly. Retrieval speed - slow​. 0X tippet

Flash a Bugger

El Sculpito tan

Cheech Leech - articulated all colors

Complex Twist Bugger - all colors

Tungsten Jig Bugger


Galloup's Dungeon - articulated all colors



There are a large variety of nymphs for the fish to choose from. Use 5x or 6x tippet

Grey Soft Hackle #16-20

Jujubee Midge #16-20

Tungsten Zebra Midge #16-20 brown, wine, purple, black

Pheasant Tail #18 -22

Scuds #20-22 grey, olive

Miracle Nymph #20-22

Black Beauty #20-24

Yong Special #24

RS2 #16-20 grey, brown, black, purple

WD40 #16-18 brown, grey

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