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Green River Fly Fishing Report

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November 21st, 2023

The brown trout have begun the spawn - please respect the beds and do not stand or anchor on them.

Midges are starting around 10am and  Pseudocloeon (tiny BWO's) hatches have been occurring around 11:00am daily.  These hatches are thickest on the upper A Section.  

The adjusting flows are tending to turn the fishing on and off.  The water temps are changing about 3 degrees during these adjustments.  Streamer fishing has been good - especially on the B Section.  River traffic is very light.  We have guides available most days this winter.  Your best bet is to watch the weather and pick the warmer days.  

1600 CFS- average 
960 - 2220 cfs daily 

46 to 43 F

Clearing up
subject to change

They will likely adjust flows monthly

A Section:    Midges, Pseudocloeon (tiny BWO's), streamers


B Section:  Pseudocloeon (tiny BWO's), Midges, Streamers

C Section:   Streamers

Hatches: Psuedocloen (tiny BWOs) 


Dry Flies

Tiny dries on calm days.  On warm sunny days smaller Terrestrials will produce if you are persistent.   For tippet: Take the hook size of your fly, and divide it by 3. This gives an approximate “X” rating of the tippet. 

Brooks Sprout Midge #20-24 grey, black

Massacre Midge #22-24

No Mercy Midge #20-24

Harrops Hanging Midge #20-24

Parachute Cricket #10 -12

Parachute Ant #16-22 black

Triple Double #14-18 purple, black, amber

Orange Asher #20

Griffiths Gnat #20



Dark day dark fly. Bright day, bright fly. Retrieval speed - slow​. Stout tippet


Po Boy brown and tan

Mongrel Meat - all colors

Sloppy Seconds Tan

Flash a Bugger

El Sculpito tan

Mena's Cousin It Jig Streamer

Cheech Leech - articulated all colors

Complex Twist Bugger - all colors

Tungsten Jig Bugger

Galloup's Dungeon - articulated all colors



There are a large variety of nymphs for the fish to choose from. Use 3-6x tippet depending on hook size

Manhattan Midge 20-22, black, red, brown

Bling Midge #20-24

Pheasant Tail #16-28

Jujubee Midge #18-22

Grey Soft Hackle #18-22

Neon Nightmare orange #8

Mop #8 cream

Tungsten Zebra Midge #16-22 brown, wine, purple, black

Scuds #20-22 grey, olive, orange

Miracle Midge #22

San Juan Worm - orange, red, brown


For the most recent updates please follow us on Facebook and Instagram . We are happy to answer any questions about the river and can be texted at 801-885-0573. Thanks!

Stockton Art Brown Trout
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