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May 1st, 2024

The fishing on the Green River has been great!  The BWO hatch is going strong, with the best hatches of the season on the A Section occurring over the past few days.  The BWO's have been sparse on the B and C Sections lately but the fish are still eager to eat them.  The Bureau of Reclamation has been changing the flow schedule a lot lately for their power desires.  This morning the base flow is 900cfs - yesterday the base flow was 1500cfs which is much better for the river and hatches.  The flow schedule can be found on the links below.  

The Blue Wing Olive hatch should stay steady into mid to late May.  With warmer weather on the way, we should start to have more terrestrial and dry dropper opportunities.  There are Crickets, Ants and Grasshoppers on the banks.  Fingers crossed that we start seeing cicadas in the next couple of weeks! 

The water clarity is slightly stained, as there are lots of creeks feeding the reservoir and river that are dirtying the water.  You can still see 8 feet down to the river bed, it's just not the crystal clear water that we have most of the season.  The off color water helps anglers get a little closer to the fish without spooking them.   


The midge hatch is still going strong in the mornings, allowing for solid subsurface fishing as well.  On calm mornings you can find pods of fish up in the tailouts, bubble lines, and back eddies

The best fishing most days has been between 1-3pm.

Our guess for high water to begin is May 28th - but that is a just a guess.  We are only given 3 days notice as to when high water will begin and the duration.  We will try to keep everyone informed on our social media pages as soon as we get news.  

1,000 CFS average
800 - 1,440 daily

CLEAR - can change daily

Fluctuating Flows -The BOR will probably change flows again in a week as they have all of April. 

A Section: The entire A Section is fishing great!   The Midge hatch begins in the mornings around 10am, with the nymphs being active earlier in the morning.  On calm days there are pods of trout up on these tiny bugs - especially in the scum lines. The fish get much more active when the BWO's start to emerge and tend to do most of their daily feeding in a 4 hour window.  They will also move into shallower and faster water to chase the grey morsels.  

B Section:  Nymph rigs, dry-dropper and streamers have all been producing on the B Section.  Commit to dry flies, streamers, or dry dropper rigs on lower B.   

C Section:   Dry dropper, dries or streamers.  Nymphing on the C Section is a sin.  There are some BWO"s coming off, but not as thick as the upper stretches of the river.  Red Creek can blow out anytime in the Spring, be ready to change fishing plans after hot or wet days.  


Hatches: BWO's, Midges, a few terrestrials


Dry Flies

Calm cloudy days, have been best for dry fly fishing. 5-6x tippet


Harrop's CDC Thorax BWO #16-20

Midge Cluster #18-20

Para Adams Purple #16-18

Griffiths Gnat #20

Harrop's Hanging Midge #20-22

Parachute Adams #16-20

Parachute Cricket #10 black

Brook's Sprout Midge #20-22

Weiss' CDC Baetis #16-18

Morris May Emerger - BWO #16-18

Triple Double #14-18 purple, black



Dark day dark fly. Bright day, bright fly. Retrieval speed - slow​. 0X tippet

Po Boy 

Near Nuff Sculpin Olive, tan


Flash a Bugger

El Sculpito tan

Cheech Leech - articulated all colors

Baby Gonga

Tungsten Jig Bugger


Galloup's Dungeon - articulated all colors



Sunny days have been very productive.  The A Section is fishing excellent with subsurface flies.  There are a large variety of nymphs for the fish to choose from. Use 5x or 6x tippet

Grey Soft Hackle #16-20

Loop Wing Emerger grey #16-18

Egan's Silver Bullet - Baetis #16-18

Top Secret Baetis #16-18

Higa's S.O.S. #16-18

Harrop's Mayfly Nymph - BWO #16-18

Jujubee Midge #18-24

Tungsten Zebra Midge #16-20 brown, wine, purple, black

Pheasant Tail #16-20

Scuds #20-22 orange, grey, olive

Miracle Nymph #20-22

2 Bit Hooker black #16-18

Barr's Flashback Emerger - BWO #16-20

San Juan Worm pink, orange #6-10


For the most recent updates please follow us on Facebook and Instagram . We are happy to answer any questions about the river and can be texted at 801-885-0573. Thanks!

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