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Green River Streamer Fishing

Hucking meat, chuck n' duck, or whatever you want to call it, the bottom line remains the same... Big flies for big fish.


Few rivers compare to the Green River for streamer fishing.  Having sections of river with 15,000 + trout per mile, you are bound to move some hungry, territorial trout.  With it's crystal clear waters you can see fish chase, strike, swipe, and pulverize your offerings.


Let our guides hone your skills, teach you their presentation strategies, and put you on the best spots.!

The best times for streamers on the Green River are when the weather is nasty, the colder months, and dusk and dawn in the warmer months.

fly fishing with Streamers in Utah

Recently several Northern Pike have moved into the waters below Flaming Gorge Dam.  They have swam up river from the Yampa River in Colorado, which is a tributary to the Green River.  The Division of Wildlife Resourses has put a mandatory catch and kill on these large predators.

While not a major threat to the trout fishery, they have potential to put a dent in the trout population.  In 2013 we can confirm around 25 pike that were caught and taken out of the system by various guides on the river.  The largest taken that year measured 38" long and is pictured.  In the early 2000's one of our friends and his client landed one that stretched 48"!

Northern Pike on Utah's Green River
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