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Reviews for Spinner Fall


The Premier Fly Fishing Guide Service on Utah's Green River

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" Spinner Falls Guides are the best......we've been going up to Flaming Gorge for 6 years, the experience keeps getting better! I think we've fished with all the Guides, each is knowledgable, patient and professional and makes a great lunch spread. They know how to get you on the fish and get it in the boat. Equal opportunity Guides, will have a memorable experience no matter what your ability or age. "

Herb B.

"We had an absolutely phenomenal 6 days on the Green River with Colby Crossland and the Spinnerfall Guide Service. The fishing was off the charts good, but what made the week exceptional was the time and effort Colby puts in to make each day better than the last. I’ve been using guides around the world for well over 30 years and none are better than Colby Crossland. His knowledge of the river is unmatched and fishing with him is like fishing with a good friend. He truly dedicates himself to his customers to ensure they can be successful and have a great experience on the water regardless of their skill level. This was the second time I floated the Green for a week with Spinnerfall and it will not be my last. Fly fishing the Green River is a trip of a lifetime and should be on everyone bucket list! "

Brian D.

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"I have fished with Spinner Falls for 3 straight years and am heading out with them again in 2 weeks. Scott hires an amazing crew of guides, I have never had a bad experience with any of them (I have fished with all of them I think).

I always come home happy, even when the river is not ideal, they help me learn more and more every year and my fishing has improved every time.

You cannot go wrong with service."

James H. 

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"I'm still a novice and did not know much about dry fly fishing until I came to the Green River 2 years ago. It was hard at first and the fantastic guides from Spinner Fall restored my faith in this amazing past-time. Special shout-out to Opie, who was super patient with me last year, and got me back into really liking this. Scott, guided me on some amazing days and hauls in 2016 and this past trip (2017). Colby, this year, helped me - big time - on technique, patience...and mending. I love to mend! I also loved Brian's zen-like approach too, which is totally my speed and explains why I had some incredible catches - on his watch - this year. I still need to pair with the other Brian and Jeremy, for I've heard really great things about them the last 2 years. My 2017 trip was again memorable, and one cannot go wrong with Spinner Fall. Also, I never felt like I was a part of another "group gig" with Spinner Fall; everything is super personalized. A star-studded team, all the way around, and I look forward to coming back in 2018."

Andre' A. 

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