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Green River Dozen

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

With fly fishing patterns becoming more and more diverse, choosing the right patterns can be confusing and costly. After guiding the Green River for 20 years I have amassed a serious collection of bugs. Some of which simply do not work. The following are the 12 flies that I could confidently use as my only flies for the entire guide season.

Chernobyl Ant Fly Pattern
Chernobyl Ant

1. Tungsten Zebra Midge - size #16 with brown thread and a silver bead. Trout will eat this fly for BWO and Midge nymphs. I carry them in a variety of sizes and colors. Black, Wine, and Purple all produce from size #14-20. Darker beads sometimes out-fish the go to silver bead.

2. Triple Double - size #16 black. A large assortment of Triple Doubles will cover many dry fly patterns. Tan and Amber will produce as Caddis and Yellow Sally Stonefly imitations. Purple is also an overlooked color on this pattern. I carry a fly box dedicated entirely to this pattern and have them from size #6-20 in several colors.