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Drift Boat Rowing Lessons

You just spent thousands of dollars on a new drift boat. Why not spend a few hundred more and learn how to properly use it?


Let our experienced guides show you how to safely navigate the Green River, teach you what not to do, and cover these essential rowing skills:


Boat & River Etiquette


Boat Positioning & Boat Speed


Efficient Oar Strokes & Feathering


Dangerous Situations


How to Safely Approach Obstacles, and Rapids


When & Where to Drop Anchor

Unfortunately, every season there are several drift boats that end up on the bottom of the river. Lost fishing gear, risk of drowning, hypothermia, & hurt pride are the end result of these experiences. If you sink a boat on the Green River you are legally responsible to get it out. Boat recovery can run hundreds of dollars. Learning how to row a boat properly will result in safe trips, more fish caught and a better time from your friends!


The Green River provides a huge variety of water types to help build your rowing prowess. Boulders, cliffs, class II - III rapids, narrow shoots, riffles, and open flat water can all be navigated.


Rowing Lessons should be done in your drift boat, but if you prefer, the use of a guides boat may be arranged.

Drift Boat Recovery

Rowing Lessons - $600 for up to 2 people for a full day (approx 6 hours)


Includes: Lunch, Beverages (no alcohol), an experienced guide/instructor, & vehicle shuttle.

Availability is limited and may only be open in our shoulder season

Professional Oarsman
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