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Utah Green River Fly Fishing Reports

Our Utah Green River Fly Fishing Reports are updated monthly or whenever river conditions, insect hatches, catch rates, or guide reports change.

May 16th, 2017

The flows on the Green River are stable at 6,600cfs - scheduled to go back up to 8,600 on May 25th.

Flows will likely be high throughout June with early predictions showing flows receding on July 1st.  The timing for the flow decrease will be determined by the amount of precipitation that we receive in the rest of May combined with how quickly the temperatures warm up.  We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

The nymph fishing is really good from a drift boat with BWO patterns.  The BWO hatch has been peaking around 3pm, but can change daily.  Sight fishing opportunities are abundant during the peak of the hatch. 

We have seen some cicadas out as well as crickets and hoppers on the banks.  We need hot weather to help bring up the bugs and to warm up the river temerature.

The fishing in the mornings has been slow.  Most of the fish seem to be gorging for about an hour or two when the BWO's emerge - lately around 2pm.  

Wade fishing is difficult and access is limited so plan accordingly. The the trail that runs between the Dam and Little Hole is under a water in several spots.  Red Creek Rapid on the B section is also difficult to safely navigate at this flow level and not recommended for inexperienced rowers. 


Taylor Flat Bridge near the beginning of the C Section is also unpassable at these flows.

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