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Utah Green River Fly Fishing Reports

Our Utah Green River Fly Fishing Reports are updated monthly or whenever river conditions, insect hatches, catch rates, or guide reports change.

May 21st, 2018

High Water is Here !!

The Green River is currently rising to 4,600cfs.  The flows are set to max out at 4,600 cfs unless extra water is needed.  We will only be given 1 day notice if they need to increase past 4,600 cfs.  The river will be full of junk - pine needles and moss.  It will clear up by Thursday May 24th.    The water is scheduled to remain at 4,600cfs for 10-14 days, receding in early June.  

The fishing is will be good with nymphs - mainly San Juan Worms, and small Scuds.  Dry and dry dropper fishing should also be great with cicadas.  Streamers will also produce some nice fish - use a sink tip.  

There are also a few Caddis Flies bouncing around - #14-16 gray and tan   

The fishing below Red Creek will likely not be good until the water recedes. 

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