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Green River Fly Fishing Report
April 10, 2017

The flows on the Green River are stable at 8,600cfs - likely till early June.

The fishing is really good from a drift boat with BWO patterns.  The BWO hatch has been starting around 11am and takes off about 1pm.   

BWO nymph fishing has been the best method, but Dry flies and dry dropper rigs are effective once the bugs start emerging - usually between 11am-1pm, and lasting for about 4 hours.  There are lots of fish podded up near the surface during the emergence.     

Nymphs and streamers dominate the morning fishing. BWO nymphs are readily being eaten in the back eddies and slow runs.  Worm patterns are starting to be more effective as well - especially after or during a rain storm.  For streamers fish slower water with a heavy sink tip lines.  

The timing for the flow decrease will be determined by the amount of precipitation that we receive in May combined with how quickly the temperatures warm up.  We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

Wade fishing is extremely difficult so plan accordingly. The the trail that runs between the Dam and Little Hole is under a couple feet of water in several spots.  Red Creek Rapid on the B section is also difficult to safely navigate at this flow level and not recommended for inexperienced oarsmen/women. 
Taylor Flat Bridge near the beginning of the C Section is also unpassable at these flows.

Check out our high water page for more info.

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A Section

Fishing: poor - fair - good - great - epic

Water Condition: Clear

Water Flows: 8,600cfs and stable - Green River Flow Forecast

Hatches:  BWO's, Worms, Midges, Scuds

Best Times: 10am - 5pm
Dry Fly - 11am - 5pm
Streamer - all day - best on cloudy days
Nymph - 9am - 4pm

Dry Fly:  BWO around 11am   
Patterns:   Card's Cicada- black #8-10 - edible dropper floater
Harrops Last Chance Cripple BWO #18
Parachute Adams #16-18
Snowshoe Dun BWO #16
Cripple Thor #16-18

Streamer: Slower retreival - heavy flies and/or sink tips
Patterns: Cheech Leech : tan, black, olive, black/red #1
El Sculpito : tan, olive, black #1-2
Sex Dungeon : black, olive and tan - white on bright days

Nymphs:  Deep and Dirty
Patterns:  JUJU Baetis #16-18
Barbless Wiggly Worm #8 Red, Pink, Tan, Orange
Wire Worm #6-10 red, pink, orange, purple
Tungsten zebra midges brown, red, wine, black size #18-20
Scuds olive, orange, gray size #18-22
WD40 grey #16-20
RS2 grey #16-18

Emergers: BWO's emerging between 11-2 pm
Patterns: Grey Soft Hackle #16-20
Barr's BWO Emerger #16-18
Beefus BWO Emerger #18

B Section

Fishing: poor - fair - good - great - epic

Water Condition: Slightly Off Color
Red Creek: Running but the entire B Section is fishable.  

Water Flows:  8,600cfs   Bureau of Reclamation Green River Flow Forecast

Hatches:  BWO's, worms, Scuds, Midges

Best Times: 11am - 4pm
Dry Fly - 10am - 4pm
Streamer - early or late, cloudy days, flow changes
Nymph - 9am - 4pm

Dry Fly: Hatch begins around 11am - everyday is different 
Patterns:  Card's Cicada #8-10 - edible dropper floater
Snowshoe Dun BWO #16
Cripple Thor #18
Harrops Last Chance Cripple #18
Parachute Adams #16-18

Streamer: darker streamers seem to get their attention better in the mornings
Patterns: Cheech Leech : tan, black, olive, black/red #1
El Sculpito : tan, olive #1-2
Articulated streamers in black, olive, white and tan

Nymphs: deep and dirty
Patterns: WD40 grey #16-18
Barbless Wiggly Worm #8 red, pink, brown, orange
Tungsten zebra midges disco, brown, red, wine, black size #14-18
Pheasant Tail Czech Copper #14-16
Wire Worm #6-10 red, pink, purple, orange, brown

Scuds orange, gray size #18-20
Grey Soft Hackle #16-20
WD40 grey #16-20

Emergers: BWO's emerging around noon
Patterns: Grey Soft Hackle #16-20
Beefus BWO Emerger #16
Barr's BWO Emerger #16-18

C Section


The C Section will likely not fish well for a few weeks as it will be very sandy and mossy.  The upper reaches are clear enough to fish though

Taylor Flat Bridge should not be floated under. 



Fishing: poor - fair - good - great - epic

Water Condition: C is very off color

Water Flows: 8,600cfs 
Bureau of Reclamation Green River Flow Forecast

Hatches:   BWO Worms

Best Times: 10am - 6pm
Dry Fly - 10am - 6pm
Streamer - early or late, cloudy days, flow changes
Nymph - 9am - 1pm

Dry Fly: Dry Fly opportunites are streamers and worms.  

Streamer:  Fish streamers in slower water, tight to the banks, & in bad weather. 
Patterns: Cheech Leech : tan, black/red, black, olive #1
El Sculpito : tan, olive #1-2
Sex Dungeon black olive and tan

Nymphs: Nymphing on C is a sin and will bring you bad Karma.  But if you are a glutton for punishment these bugs will work...
Patterns: Barbless Wiggly Worm #8 red, orange, pink, brown, tan

Tungsten zebra midges disco, brown, red, wine, black size #14-16
Pheasant Tail Czech Copper #16
Wire Worm #6-10 red, brown, orange, pink

Jakes DB Rib Worm
#8 red

Emergers: Worm Emergers  
Patterns: Barr's BWO Emergers #16
Beefus  BWO emerger #16

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