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Green River Fly Fishing Report March 2nd, 2020

Updated: Mar 11

The flows on the Green River have been slightly lowered to an average flow of 1,950 cfs. The flows are fluctuating from 1100 - 2400 cfs daily. This flow schedule will likely change again in the coming weeks. These changing flows have made the midge dry fly fishing very inconsistent. Streamer fishing continues to be the best method. We should start to see a few Blue Wing Olives showing up on warm cloudy days. Small nymphs are working well on the A section and Upper B Section. The takes on nymphs are very soft and subtle as the fish are still in their lazy winter mode.

A Section: Fish small nymphs about 9 -10 feet deep in the middle and tail-outs of runs. Midge dry flies will produce when you find fish rising - the best dry fly action is on calm days after 10am. Streamers all day.

B Section:  Fish small nymphs about 9 feet deep on the upper 4 miles of the B Section. Streamers are fishing very well. ​

C Section:  Streamers all day​ - mix up your retrieval speed and colors. Use a light sink tip fly line.

Current Flow Level - 1,950 cfs - average Flows are fluctuating daily​​

Green River Flow Forecast

Red Creek: Clear

Dry Flies

Best on sunny, calm days after 10am. 6X Tippet

Palomino CDC #20-22

Parachute Adams #16

Orange Asher #20-22

Spotlight Midge #20 black, grey

I Can See It Midge #20-22 black

Midge Foamerger #20

Bunny Midge grey #20-22

Griffiths Gnat #20-24


Bright day, bright fly. Dark day dark fly.  Retrieve slowly or swing​. 0X tippet

Cheech Leech - articulated all colors

Craven's Dirt Hippie - rainbow

Complex Twist Bugger - all colors

Heisenberg - black & Wyoming Cowboy

Drunk & Disorderly - articulated white / pearl

Galloup's Boogieman - articulated all colors


The takes are very delicate - swing on any subtle movement. Use light tippet 5x or lighter

Grey Soft Hackle #18-22

Rainbow Warrior #18-20

Micro Midge #20-22 all colors

Jujubee Midge #18-22

Tungsten Zebra Midge #14-20 red, brown, wine, purple, black

WD40 #18-22 grey, olive, black, red

Black Beauty #20-24

Pheasant Tail #16-22

Scuds #20-22 grey, olive

Higa's SOS black #18-20

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