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Green River Fly Fishing Report January 1st, 2020

Updated: Mar 11

Happy New Years ! We wish all of you the best in 2020 !

The fly fishing has been solid on warmer days. Streamers have been effective on all three river sections - especially on the lower stretches of the river. Small nymphs have fished well on the A section and Upper B Section. The takes on nymphs are very delicate as the fish are in their slow moving winter mode.

There are still a few brown trout spawning.  Please respect the fish and avoid the redds.  This will help allow the best fish in the Green River to pass along their genes.


A Section: Midge dry flies, small nymphs and streamers. ​

B Section:  Fish small nymphs about 9 feet deep on the upper B Section. Streamers are fishing best on the lower B Section.. ​

C Section:  Streamers all day

Current Flow Level - 2,150 cfs - average Flows are fluctuating daily

​​Green River Flow Forecast

Red Creek: Clear

Dry Flies

Best on sunny, calm days after 10am

Orange Asher #20-22

Spotlight Midge #20 black, grey

I Can See It Midge #20-22 black

Midge Foamerger #20

Bunny Midge grey #20-22

Griffiths Gnat #20-24

Triple Double #12-18 black, brown, purple​


Dark day, dark fly.  Bright day, bright fly.  Retrieval speed should be slow for the lethargic fish

Cheech Leech - articulated all colors

Goldilox #2-6

Sex Dungeon - articulated in black, olive, white

Tungsten Buggers #2-6 all colors

Mongrel Meat - articulated in black

Kreelex gold, copper


Bring your A game. ​The takes are very soft and subtle.

Grey Soft Hackle #18-22

Micro Midge #20-22 all colors

Jujubee Midge #18-22

Tungsten Zebra Midge #14-20 red, brown, wine, purple, black

WD40 #18-22 grey, olive, black, red

Black Beauty #20-24

Pheasant Tail #16-22

Scuds #20-22 grey, olive

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