Summer Fly Fishing on Utah's Green River

There are not many places in the world that have better dry fly fishing than the Green River in the Summer.  The river is situated on the Eastern edge of the Uinta Mountains in a very dry high desert setting.  This unique area holds an incredible variety of terrestrial insects all of which the trout happily search for.   Long drifts with floating fly patterns will produce lots of opportunities for anglers of all skill levels.  


The Green River is world famous for the prolific cicada hatch. The cicadas begin to emerge when the ground temperature reaches the mid 60's. This can occur anytime from early May to mid June. The mature cicadas live for about 1 month after emergence. Cicadas are not very accurate flyers and frequently land in the water causing explosive strikes from eager trout. Other highlights of June include Caddis, PMD Mayflies and Yellow Sally Stonefly hatches. These hatches typically start in late June, and are more prolific on the B and C sections. Also on the trout menu are grasshoppers, ants, & beetles. check out our Terrestrial Insects page for fly fishing tips and more dry fly info.


July offers a smorgasbord of tasty terrestrial and aquatic insects to the numerous trout which inhabit the Green River. July provides the driest conditions of the year in eastern Utah. This dry weather allows the entire 30 miles below Flaming Gorge Dam to be crystal clear. This helps spread anglers and rafters out and the lower sections of the river fish very well. In early July anglers may encounter the tail end of the cicada hatch, as well as prime time Yellow Sally Stoneflies, Caddis and PMD mayflies.


Warm weather, great fishing, and healthy trout are a few words which represent the Green River in August. By this time in the season all of our guides are very dialed into where the trout are holding. August fishes very well with grasshoppers, flying ants, and beetles. We also get a great Trico hatch on the lower sections of the river as well. In late August the kids are back in school and river rafting traffic drops significantly.



Terrestrial Insects - all shapes and sizes

PMD's #14-16

Yellow Sally Stoneflies #14 -16

Cicadas #4-10

Mormon Crickets #2-4

Caddis Flies #14-16


Best Techniques:


Dry Fly - Some of the best dry fly fishing anywhere in the world occurs on the Green River in the summer. Remember to let the trout eat your fly before setting the hook.


Nymphing runs & pools (about 7 feet deep) - The trout will move into shallow water and over moss beds around 10am when the nymphs begin to move around. Dry-Dropper rigs are also very effective


Streamers fished early in the mornings, at dusk and in cloudy weather or in the shade.  They can also be great on the lower river if the water clarity is off color.

Best Fly Patterns:


PMX Parachute Cricket #8-14

Chernobyl Ants black, brown, tan #4-12

Card's Cicada #8-10, #4-6

Beefus PMD Emerger #14-16

Fat Albert black  & tan #6-14

Morrish Hopper tan, pink #8-14

Yellow Sally CDC & Elk  #14-16

Vis-a-Dun PMD #14-16

Tungsten Zebra Midge brown, disco, wine #14-16 Wooly Buggers black, gold, white, olive #4-8

Sex Dungeon black, olive, ginger, white #2

Triple Double black, amber, purple, olive #10-16

Elk Hair Caddis #14-16

Sailor Ant brown & black #12-18

Snookie brown, tan, black #8-12

Iron Sally #14-16

Scud grey #20

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