Fall Fly Fishing on Utah's Green River

Autumn oh the Green River can be a very productive time of year to fly fish.  The brown trout start to feed heavily as they gear up for the spawn and to pack on weight for the winter.  Streamers can be very effective this time of year - especially in October and November.

We also see some very thick hatches of Trico's and Psuedocloeon (tiny Blue Wing Olive mayflies) which get the trout very podded up.  These hatches offer incredible sight fishing opportunities to wary trout and peak in September.  


Kids back in school means much less traffic on the river! Warm weather, great fishing, vibrant colored leaves and healthy trout are a few words which represent the Green River in September. September fishes very well with grasshoppers, flying ants, and beetles. The trout key into brown flies, and begin their pre-spawn rituals.


Solitude, and trout in spawning colors are part of what makes October on the Green River special! The weather may be 70's or snowing so be prepared. The brown trout begin their pre-spawn rituals, and move into full spawn in late October. Their vivid colors become richer, and their behavior towards other fish aggressive. This is a great time of year to hone your streamer fishing skills!


November is a great time to observe brown trout spawining behavior. Hundreds of trout can be seen paired up on, protecting, and excavating spawn beds. Because of their increasingly aggressive behavior fishing with streamers provides great visual action! "Indian Summers" in November are also common and allow for large terrestrial dry fly fishing. These warm spells provide terrific dry dropper fishing. Autumn is a great time of year to catch trout with lots of solitude!



Blue Wing Olive (BWO"s) #18-22

Midges size #20-24

Terrestrial Insects - grasshoppers, ants, crickets, & beetles #8-18


Best Techniques:


Dry Fly - Brown and tan colored flies fish very well in the Fall.  Hoppers, sailor ants, beetles, and Royal Wulffs, and small BWO patterns..


Nymphing runs & pools (about 7 feet deep) - There are lots of trout in shallow water and over moss beds.


Streamers fished early in the mornings, at dusk and in the shade. Also effective fished on a nymph rig.  Very effective later in the Fall as the brown trout stage up for the spawn

Best Fly Patterns:


Parachute Adams #18-20

BWO Cripple Paterns #18-20

Spotlight Midge black, grey #18-20

Beefus BWO Emerger #18-22

Fat Albert tan, black #8-14

Grey Scud #18-22

Tungsten Zebra Midge black, brown, wine #18-20 Wooly Buggers black, gold, white, olive #4-8

Articulated Circus Peanut ginger, olive, black, white #2

RS2 gray, wine #18-22

Parachute Hoppers tan, olive #8-14

Beetles brown, black #14-18

Sailor Ants brown, black #10-16

Royal Wulff #14-20

Triple Double black, amber, purple, olive #10-16

Snookie brown #8-12


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