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The Spinner Fall Difference

There are 8 companies permitted to run guided fly fishing trips on the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam.  So what sets Spinner Fall apart?


80% of all of our guided trips are return or referral business.  We believe that this is because all of our guides are hired based on personality.  You can teach someone how to fish, but you can't teach them how to be a good person.  While our guides can't control the fishing conditions, we can ensure that you will have a great time on the river.  When the catching is tough, we are happy to pull over and work on your fly fishing skills, and pass along knowledge to ensure you come away from your trip a better angler.


Currently all of our guides have a minimum 4 years of guiding experience on the Green River.  Many of us have been guiding on the Green River for 10 to 20 years.  We would rather turn away your business than just get a body to row you down the river.  Our guides share all current river condition information among our group to ensure all of our clients have the best experience possible.   

Strong Work Ethic

All of our guides strive to show you our river's at their best!  Getting on the water earlier, rowing harder, and sharing information are what set us apart from other guides.  Our guides will happily run laps on the hot spots, row past slower sections, and change up methods or flies.  We do NOT have a set time to be on and off of the river.  The fish and insects react to what Mother Nature is dishing out and so do we.  We typically meet before, or way behind the other river traffic to ensure solitude and the best fishing opportunities. 

Most of our guides are married with young kids, so there is more than just our fish bum lifestyle on the line.


No assembly line lunches here - we have to eat too!  We will set you up a riverside table cloth lunch with plenty of fresh options.  When it is not scorching hot outside we like to prepare a cooked lunch.  Typical lunches are Cheeseburgers, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, & Brats.  If you would rather spend more time fishing we can make a mean PB&J in the boat too - just let us know your preferences! 

Dry Flies

While fishing subsurface is usually very productive, we are not set on just getting you high numbers of fish.  The Green River is one of the world's premier dry fly fisheries - if it floats we like to fish it.  The Chernobyl Ant was invented on the Green River, and big foam flies are our summer time staple.  With sections of the river holding over 15,000 trout per mile we can almost always find rising fish.  The average trout size on the Green River is 2 inches longer on dry fly caught trout vs. nymphs.  Quality over quantity - but we are not ignorantly snobbish, traditional nymph fishing and streamers are a lot of fun too!


Giving Back

Whether it is for our annual free kids drawing, or to a worthy cause, we donate several trips a year.  Some of the charities we donate to are:

Trout Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited

Casting For Recovery

The Steve Young Foundation

The Sharing Place

The Henry's Fork Foundation

We also clean 3 miles of Highway 191 on the adopt-a-highway program, and have our guides participate in the Green River Single Fly Charity Event. 


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