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Mormon Crickets on Utah's Green River

Mormon Crickets appearing on the Green River sends shockwaves all through the guiding circles.  This rare opportunity to fish size #2 dry flies is a guides dream.   Very unpredictable, the Mormon Crickets only make a major appearance on our 30 miles of the Green River every 10 or so years.  Most years we only see a handfull of these tasty trout morsels. 
Mormon Crickets vary in color from black, red, olive, brown, tan or any combination thereof.  Most are black or reddish brown and are size #4-2/0 with most being a size #2.

Mormon Cricket fly patterns for the Green River:
All of our Green River Guides have their own hand tied fly patterns. Most of our patterns take 15 plus minutes to tie.  There are only a couple of commercial fly patterns designed that will imitate these bugs.

Fat Albert
tan, black, size # 2-6
Chernobyl Ant
tan, black, red, brown, olive size #2-6

Green River Fly Fishing Tips - Mormon Crickets:

The enormous size of these tasty trout candy bars can bring even the largest of trout up off of the bottom of the river.  It is not strange for a trout to move up to 10 feet to gorge on one of these protein packed snacks.  In 2009 several of our clients landed trout over 24 inches, due in large part to the Mormon Crickets.  

The following giant dry fly tips may help increase your chances of hooking up:

  • Timing & Location are Critical - Mormon Crickets are migratory insects.  They travel in packs of thousands, and eat everything in their path.  When they reach the rivers edge they are instinctively urged to jump in and attempt to cross.  They seem to be most active when it warms up, so fishing is usually better mid day. Todays grouping of river jumpers are likely in a different area than yesterdays pack. 
  • Trust the Main Seam Lines - The Mormon Crickets are likely to be pushed downstream thousands of feet and some times miles from their jumping in point.  The main seam lines likely have had earlier jumpers floating their currents.
  • Make Some Noise - Because these morsels are the size of your thumb, a splashy entry into the water may draw attention.  They will kick, and wiggle in the current, so the occasional twitch may provoke strikes. 
  • Wait to set the hook! - Mormon Cricket fly patterns are HUGE. It takes trout a few seconds to eat your fly and close their mouths. Smaller trout, 15 inches and under, have a difficult time putting these monstrousities in their little mouths.  In most scenarios it is better to wait a couple of seconds to set the hook versus being quick.
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