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Typical fly fishing conditions for the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam in September

Average Temperatures: 40 - 80 degrees Farenheit

Fishing Scale: poor - fair - good - great - epic!

River Pressure: moderate

Hatches: Terrestrial Insects, Trico's #18 - 20, Flying Ants #14-18, BWO's #18-22

Best Techniques:

  • Dry Fly - Hoppers, sailor ants, beetles, and Royal Wulffs fish very well in September.
  • Nymphing runs & pools (about 7 feet deep) - There are lots of trout in shallow water and over moss beds.
  • Streamers fished early in the mornings, at dusk and in the shade. Also effective fished on a nymph rig.

    Best Fly Patterns:
    Parachute Hoppers tan, olive #8-14
    Beetles brown, black #14-18
    Sailor Ants brown, black #10-16
    Royal Wulff #14-20
    Fat Albert tan, black #8-14
    Scuds gray, olive #14-22
    Spotlight Midge black #18-20
    Tungsten Zebra Midge brown, black, wine #14-20
    Wooly Buggers black, gold, white, olive #4-8
    Triple Double black, amber, purple, olive #10-16

  • Comments:
    Kids back in school means much less traffic on the river! Warm weather, great fishing, vibrant colored leaves and healthy trout are a few words which represent the Green River in September. September fishes very well with grasshoppers, flying ants, and beetles. The trout key into brown flies, and begin their pre-spawn rituals.

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