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Typical fly fishing conditions for the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam in July

Average Temperatures: 55 - 90 degrees Farenheit

Fishing Scale: poor - fair - good - great - epic!

River Pressure: heavy - A majority of the river traffic float the A section of the river.

Hatches: PMD's #14-16, Terrestrial Insects , Golden Stoneflies #4-6, Yellow Sally Stoneflies #14, Cicadas, Mormon Crickets #2-4

Best Techniques:

  • Dry Fly - Some of the best dry fly fishing anywhere occurs on the Green River in July. Remember to let the trout eat your fly before setting the hook.
  • Nymphing runs & pools (about 7 feet deep) - The trout will move into shallow water and over moss beds around 10am when the PMD nymphs begin to emerge.
  • Streamers fished early in the mornings, at dusk and in the shade.

    Best Fly Patterns:
    PMX Parachute Cricket #8-14
    Chernobyl Ants black, brown, tan #4-12
    Cicadas #8-10, #4-6
    Beefus PMD Emerger #14-16
    Fat Albert & Parachute Hoppers tan #8-14
    Stimulators orange, yellow #14
    Parachute PMD #14-16
    Tungsten Zebra Midge brown, disco, wine #14-16
    Wooly Buggers black, gold, white, olive #4-8
    Triple Double black, amber, purple, olive #10-16

  • Comments:
    July offers a smorgasbord of tasty terrestrial and aquatic insects to the numerous trout which inhabit the Green River. July is the driest month of the year in eastern Utah. This dry weather allows the entire 30 miles below Flaming Gorge Dam to be crystal clear. This helps spread anglers and rafters out and the lower sections of the river fish very well. In early July anglers may encounter the tail end of the cicada hatch, as well as prime time yellow sallies and pmd mayflies.

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