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Green River Fly Fishing - April

Typical fly fishing conditions for Utah's Green River in April

The Green River fishes as well as any other river in the lower 48 states in April. Being a tailwater fishery, we do not get the muddy snow runoff which so many other rivers are susceptible to. Whatever your preferred method of fly fishing may be, April on the Green River provides some of the best fly fishing anywhere. Incredible hatches, high catch rates, and the ability to stalk individual rising fish are just part of what make fly fishing Utah's Green River in April special.

Average Temperatures: 38 - 60 degrees Farenheit

Fishing Scale: poor - fair - good - great - epic!

River Pressure: moderate - busy on Fridays and Saturdays

Hatches: Blue Wing Olive B.W.O. #16-18, Midges size #20-24, some black stoneflies #14

Best Techniques:

  • Dry Fly to rising pods of fish during the morning midge hatch and look for hundreds of trout rising during a blanket BWO Hatch
  • Nymphing deep runs & pools (7-10 feet deep)- The trout will move into shallow water and over moss beds mid day when the BWO nymphs begin to emerge
  • Streamers fished slowly or even on a nymph rig

    Best Fly Patterns:
    Parachute Adams #16-18
    Extended Body BWO #18-20
    CDC Loopwing BWO Emerger #16-20
    Beefus BWO Emerger #18-22
    Spotlight Midge black #20-24
    Grey Scud #18-22
    Tungsten Zebra Midge black, brown, wine #18-20
    Wooly Buggers black, gold, white, olive #4-8
    Parachute Cricket #14
    RS2 gray, wine #16-22

  • Please avoid standing/anchoring on or near the rainbow and cutthroat spawn beds.

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