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Fly Fishing Boot Camp

For those of you that would like to have new skills pounded into your brain, we are proud to offer Fly Fishing Boot Camp. Boot Camp is designed for 1 angler and offers 2 different perspectives on the same fishing situation(s). Two experienced guides will float and wade fish with you, pushing your abilities to the limit. Sometimes the way that 1 guide describes a technique just doesn't click in your head, but another guides wording may make perfect sense.

This is a very visual experience. You will be able to observe how your 2 guides cast, and approach different pieces of water. You will have the chance to pick our brains and learn from our experiences. There is more to boot camp than is described here - we can't reveal trade secrets.

Boot Camp is 2 days guided on the Green River. We will customize the trip for you - which allows for emphasis on any aspect of fly fishing.

Cost is $1,400 for 2 days guided with 2 guides 1 angler. This includes all flies, lunches, & beverages (non-alcoholic) taxes, and Forest Service Use Fees.




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