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Driving Directions

Spinner Fall Guide Service is based on the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam in the small 200 population town of Dutch John, Utah.  Located in the Northeast corner of Utah, Dutch John is approximately 10 miles from Wyoming and 20 miles from Colorado state lines.   Most visitors travel from Salt Lake City and make the 3.5 hour drive to the river.  There are 3 main routes that you can take from Salt Lake City to Dutch John, Utah.  All three take about the same amount of travel time.  

If winter weather is forecasted, it is advised to travel through Vernal, Utah as they keep the roads plowed the best on that route. 

The easiest route is illustrated below:

Driving Instructions.
Estimated time: 3 hr 30 min. Mileage: 240 Miles

1. From Salt Lake City take I-80 East towards Cheyenne, Wyoming.
2. Remain on I-80 East past Evanston, Wyoming to Exit 99.
3. Turn right @ Exit 99 onto Flaming Gorge Rd. / Highway 191 South.
4. Drive South on Highway 191 (about 60 miles) into Dutch John, Utah

* If there is a chance of snowstorms or winter conditions, we recommend that you take the southern route through Vernal, Utah.  The highways in Wyoming are subject to closures.

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